Eating Disorders - assessment, treatment planning, outpatient care

Bariatric Surgery - psychological evaluation, pre/post-surgery counseling

Trauma/Abuse - crisis intervention, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, past child abuse

General Practice

Abuse . Anxiety . Blended families . Body image . Boundaries . Chronic Illness . College Life . Communication . Coping tools . Disability . Divorce . Depression . Emotional Regulation . Emotional Eating . Grief . Identity . Life challenges . Motivation . Obsessions . Relocation . Self care . Self image . Time management Trauma


Individual counseling for men and women, adolescents and adults (ages 12 and up)

Family counseling for nuclear, single parent, blended, and extended families

Group therapy on topics such as body image, emotional eating, relapse prevention, bariatric surgery education, domestic violence and sexual assault.